Margalit Injury Lawyers provides certainty and simplicity when it comes to fees.

We promise you that the portion of legal fees paid by you from your compensation, will never exceed the sum received by you and you won’t need to pay anything out of your own pocket during the life of your claim. We provide ultimate flexibility. We’re happy to come to a fee arrangement that suits you.

Our philosophy is simple. No tricks. No traps. No fine print. No asterisks.


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No win, no fee

We won’t charge you anything at all unless you have a successful outcome. Even so, we understand that you will still want to know what the fee will be when we do charge. That’s why, when we take on your case, we give you a written estimate of our costs so that there’s no uncertainty.

In most cases, a substantial portion of your fees will be paid by the other side. We will ensure that you are fully informed of what the other side is likely to pay.

If you don’t win, we won’t charge you anything at all. It’s that simple.


Our first consultation is completely free of charge, and we will spend as much time with you as you need.

Fee flexibility

We are committed to structuring our fees to suit you, to give you comfort and security.

Our options include:

1. Fixed fees, where at the start of your case we agree on the dollar amount to be charged from your compensation.

2. Capped costs, where we charge for the work that we do, but stop charging when the cap is reached. If we don’t reach the cap, we will charge you the lesser amount.

3. Traditional no win, no fee. This is where, at the end of the case, we charge for the work completed. These costs are paid from your compensation.

All aspects of our costs are negotiable. It’s as simple as that.


No hidden costs

Margalit Injury Lawyers is different to other firms. We fund your case from start to finish, out of our own pocket.

Many firms use external litigation funding companies, a practice we strongly oppose. A litigation funder is a company separate to a law firm, that pays the outgoing costs of your case in return for an extra fee paid by you. Those fees eat into the compensation you receive. We prefer this money to be in your pocket.

We will make sure that in every aspect of your case, including costs, you get the best deal. We’re here to fight for you.